Mightier Than The Sword Records, Photography & Literature - About MTTS
Mightier Than The Sword Records, Photography & Literature - Est. 2005- Asheboro, NC
Mightier Than The Sword was established the day that the company's founder and current owner, Ty Brueilly graduated from Appalachian State University in 2005.
  We are the home of worldwide critically acclaimed music and art.
Mightier Than The Sword is a movement of artists that share extreme amounts of talent and motivation mixed with the same common goal, which is to have their voices heard and talents seen through the magical realms of their respective art forms.

North Carolina's Premier Record Company 

Mightier Than The Sword Records released it's first official album in 2007, two years after their date of establishment, by the founder, Ty Bru, entitled "On The Brink".
This debut album, received international acclaim by critics and was the runner up for Hip Hop Album of the year at the 7th annual Independent Music Awards.
Since then over 20 albums have been released by our artists.
MTTS's Literature Company 
Mightier Than The Sword Literature underwent it's first year of full operations in 2009 and is constantly growing.
We strive for rapid growth in this area, primarily by publishing what once was monthly mini-magazine, "The Mightier Minute" along with a successful Film Critic column by the founder, Ty Brueilly, who is now integrated into IMDB's website as a film critic.
We have also begun to venture into photo books, short stories and children's books complete with illustrations.
For more information please use the "Contact Us" link on the table of contents section to the left of this text.
MTTS's Photography Company

Mightier Than The Sword Photography, was established right alongside the Record Label in 2005, but wasn't until years later before we took a more professional approach with this aspect.
Since that approach in 2010, our photos have been featured in online and physical publications such as National Geographic, used as album Artwork for musicians, displayed in galleries around the world from North Carolina to Shanghai and most importantly presented right in the homes of families that have taken an interest and supported our work.

MTTS Vintage Restoration

Mightier Than The Sword can also bring back your most cherished memories  from the past. Converting Home Videos and VCR tapes to DVD and digital files, Vinyl Records and Cassettes to MP3s and CD'S, and 35mm negatives to digital prints and files, we are able to back up and rejuvenate just about any of your most precious moments and for the most  reasonable prices you can find.

We strive to make a difference in all aspects of the entertainment field.
We focus on artists that are less fortunate to receive support from corporations, and are not given a chance to be heard, seen, or read.
We keep all actions completely professional.
We do this by maintaining a serious focus, a moving forward mindset as well as a realistic goal setting attitude.
In doing this, we distinguish all representatives of Mightier Than The Sword Entertainment from the majority of the entertainment industry’s lack of substance.
We do not expect perfection, but we do demand artists with outstanding work ethics and talent, the artists that realize their true potential but have never been given that chance to expose their abilities…. Mightier Than The Sword …….we are that chance.
Ty Bru
Carolina I'll Come Running (From The Album "Heart Core Hip Hop")
Ty Bru (Produced By Czientist)
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