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Against Their Will
Against Their Will Biography
A high-energy alliance known as Against Their Will was unleashed in late 2010 by Wilson's four hardest-working musicians after going through years of lineup changes and songwriting evolution.

Upon releasing "The Brotherhood" EP less than a year later, they were launched without hesitation into the spotlight of their local music community. Their first single, "Hellward Bound", received countless spins on Internet radio programs worldwide. The song was very highly praised in the United Kingdom and Germany for its nostalgic appeal to fans of 1980's era-Metallica.

After the CD's release, Hellward Bound peaked at #20 on Germany's national underground radio community. The rest of the EP would go on to receive mainly positive reception, regardless of the low recording budget. One year later, a follow-up was announced to be in the works. In the Fall of 2012, they enlisted the help of former Mercy Mercedes guitarist and Red Sparrow Studios producer Brandon Ham to record "American Stratofortress". In the Fall of 2013, the band signed with Mightier Than The Sword Records and will be releasing the EP on November 2nd.
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NEW! American Stratofortress EP Teaser from Against Their Will 2013.
Teaser Medley from upcoming EP titled, American Stratofortress, from hard rock band, Against Their Will! The following teaser tracks (In order) are:1."This is War"2."Blood & Honor"3."Out of F...